Born and raised in Curitiba, Brazil, from a very young age, Eduardo Moura knew he would have to become a musician due to his fascination with how a mix of sounds could create feelings beyond what is palpable. Raised on radio and MTV, music has always been present in his daily routine as a strategy to enjoy the moment or escape from it.

In 2006, he took a DJ course from Academia Internacional de Música Eletrônica (Curitiba, Brazil), and also took music courses from Emory University (Atlanta, USA), Berklee College of Music (Boston, USA), and Sonic Academy (Bangor, Northern Ireland).

In Curitiba, he was a resident DJ of some EDM clubs, such as Meet, Black Box, and GaAs, besides sporadically DJing in popular local music venues such as James Bar, VU Bar, Side Café, among others.

The main characteristics of his music are a search for strong grooves and melodies, singular vocals, and simple but meaningful lyrics.

He strongly believes that his art should communicate a feeling of transcendence of the current state of the art to the listeners, trying to foster modernism, but also valuing the step forward provided by postmodernism and following movements, besides searching for unique and memorable moments.

Always seeking for new timbres, technologies, rhythms, and melodies, his music adopts the freshest items in contemporary art in relation to technical musical aspects, creativity, and public appeal.